Tier 1: Create Your Own Class

$19.99 / Month

Each month receive 2 classes in text format from the over 5 million combinations that have been developed over the 20 years Kix 4 Chix® has been operating.

Each class is divided into 3 segments which as you accumulate more classes can be rearranged into your own custom combinations to give you more variety and workouts.

The 3 segments are:

  • Warm up / Bag work / Cool down and Stretching
  • Creating a solid 45 minute workout for one person!
  • Technical videos for specific strikes are available on-line to support you.
To complete the registration, please email the completed waiver to

Private Training

$75 / Hour

Live Zoom training sessions with Kix 4 Chix® Fitness founder and master instructor Nicole Neuert.