Kix 4 Chix

Kix 4 Chix is a kickboxing program developed by Nicole Neuert and is great for everyone regardless of your fitness level or experience.

Enjoying your workout is the first hurdle and this class is so much fun the hour flies by!

The benefits are massive, stress relief, greater strength, better flexibility, weight loss, toning and even self defence. You will leave this class feeling like you can do anything!


A Venue

We are always looking for new host locations for future training. If you are interested in hosting our 4 day (6 hours a day) training please fill out the form. Offer your clients an amazing new workout and help empower your community!



Kix 4 Chix training is technically difficult and requires 4 days of intense instruction/exercise.
Are you up for it?

  • There is no fee to the facility to host an instructor training.
  • There is no money exchanged between a hosting facility and Kix 4 Chix Fitness Inc Fitness.
  • There is no monthly fee for a facility to use the Kix 4 Chix name, as long as the instructors have been trained by Kix 4 Chix Fitness Inc and maintain a current certificate. Licensees will have an option to join the Kix Instructor Community (KIC) program to receive continuing education, marketing support, ideas, networking, etc. This will be explained in full at the instructor training, and again it’s optional.
  • Host facility will receive one FREE Kix Instructor Training registration for an individual. This individual should be available to help with registration in the morning, as well as any other facility needs during the instructor training day. The Kix Instructor will register this individual as “free.” This individual does not register online. 
  • The Kix Instructor will provide the facility with a flyer to distribute. Host facility must help in marketing the instructor training by networking with local and regional contacts, facilities, gyms, as well as area instructors.
  • Kix 4 Chix Fitness Inc reserves the right to cancel any instructor training up to seven (7) days from the training date due to extenuating circumstances that may arise or if there is a lack of interest/registrants.
  • Once a host has committed to a training date, the host is expected to make every effort to hold the event as scheduled. In extenuating circumstances, if the host is unable to provide the stated facility, the host will provide the Kix Instructor with an alternative venue of equal size in the local area.

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